ATREC Pte Ltd.

Quality Policy

ATREC is the national Centre of Excellence for R&D of advanced energetic materials and systems to enhance defence capabilities and national security of Singapore, and this underpins the purpose and mission of the Company.

ATREC is committed to the highest level of quality in all our R&D works, technical studies and testing services. We strive to delight customers and exceed their expectations through thorough understanding of their needs and expectations by delivering safe, high quality and cost effective products and services.

We achieve this by

  1. Establishing a Quality Management System tailored to our scope of R&D work that conforms to international standards and benchmarks against industry best practices.
  2. Making Quality a joint responsibility between management and staff members.
  3. Upgrading our staff’s competency and skills continously to meet future customers’ demands and progressive trends of new technologies through a structured training and development programme.
  4. Creating a conducive work environment that encourages teamwork and cross learning where individual contribution is valued and recognised.

ATREC management is committed to providing the necessary resources needed for the effective implementation of the Quality Management System and to conduct regular system performance review for continuous improvement.