ATREC Pte Ltd.


As an innovative R&D company, engineers and scientists in ATREC have immense opportunities to create impact to company growth and enhance our national security. As a closely knitted team, they will have opportunities to interact with fellow specialists from other fields, thereby accelerating their professional growth and development. We value our engineers and scientists as our most important asset and are committed to developing them to their fullest potential through local, as well as overseas, training including work attachments, wherever opportunities allow. As an engineer/scientist, you will be working with chemicals, energetic materials, initiation devices, and operating state-of-the-art processing and diagnostic equipment. You are also expected to be involved in the testing of energetic materials and devices in the field.

Career Advancement

ATREC’s scientists and engineers advance their careers via the technical career ladder as shown below. Their titles are conferred based on their technical competencies and leadership, starting with Member of Technical Staff for fresh university graduates.

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