ATREC Pte Ltd.

Since 911, the world has undergone a paradigm shift in the international threat scenario. Singapore has not been spared from the threat of terrorists who can carry out attacks using homemade explosives (HMEs) and improvised-explosive devices (IEDs).

Recognising a need to understand more about HMEs and IEDs, and with the strong support from the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), ATREC has developed unique capabilities to produce, characterise, and test HMEs and IEDs. The knowledge gained and database established from these studies are constantly promulgated to the relevant agencies to enhance the capabilities of the first responders in tackling these threats.

Since its inception, ATREC has been assessing the threats of HMEs by validating potential HME recipes using off-the-shelf materials and testing their potency. ATREC also facilitates and supports the Singapore Police Force in their annual Post-Blast investigation training which includes scenario planning, concocting HMEs, and conducting of explosives testing.

Today, ATREC is well-recognised by MINDEF and MHA as the center of excellence for studying and testing HMEs for the purpose of counterterrorism.

ATREC Pte Ltd.
ATREC Pte Ltd.

Preparation and mixing of homemade explosives

Characterisation of Homemade explosives

SPF’s Post-blast Investigation Exercise