ATREC Pte Ltd.

Safety and Health Policy

  1. ATREC management is committed to care for the safety and health of its employees so as to create a safe and conducive environment for innovation and creativity.
  2. All employees are to uphold this commitment to safety and health by complying with policies and procedures, exercising due care and attention and by understanding that they too have obligations to themselves and one another.
  3. ATREC management shall seek to ensure that
    1. A safety and health management system and a safety committee are in place and shall be continually improved to ensure the well-being of all our employees;
    2. Safety policy is communicated to all its employees, stakeholders and interested parties;
    3. The necessary expertise, resources and risk assessments are in place to identify hazards so that practicable steps can be taken to eliminate, isolate or minimize employees’ exposure to these hazards;
    4. All workplaces, facilities, equipment, PPEs and work processes comply with relevant safety and health legislation in Singapore;
    5. Suitable and appropriate training is provided to employees and safety committee appointment holders;
    6. Safety lessons are shared with our employees to raise their safety awareness and competency level;
    7. All incidents and near-misses are reported accurately and timely and investigations are carried out to identify root causes for corrective actions to be taken and
    8. Wastes are disposed in accordance to industry practices and regulatory requirement in order to protect our environment
  4. ATREC shall review our safety and health policy and management system annually so as to continually improve our safety and health standards and performance.