Amorphous Materials

The unusual combination of engineering properties and potential critical structural and functional applications of amorphous materials have attracted the interest of scientific community. Amorphous/nanocrystalline materials exhibit remarkable properties like “ultrahigh” mechanical strengths, hardness and high corrosion resistance due to its lack of defects like grain boundaries.

In one of the materials that we have developed, the Al-based amorphous alloy was shown to have superior corrosion performance compared to 7000-series Al-alloy. A layer (300μm) of the amorphous powders was cold-sprayed onto the Al substrate. After 240 hours of exposure to salt-water, the conditions of the coated and uncoated specimens are as shown below. We observed that Al-based amorphous coating did not have any signs of corrosion or pitting. Even the notch on the coating did not show any signs of severe corrosion. On the other hand, the uncoated specimen has developed several corrosion pits of about 0.5mm in width.

The Al-based amorphous has the strength and hardness of a 7000-series Al-alloy, and has the potential to be applied as light weight armour material.

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